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The Album of the Century by Agnès Gayraud

8 October 2020

La Féline — author and musician Agnès Gayraud — makes music that is neither chansons à texte (songs where the lyrics are the most important element) nor progressive pop. She has created her own world where meaning and form overlap with ease and elegance, regardless of background or genre, with folk or psychedelic overtones that mirror the sincerity and refinement of her prose.

In October, we asked her to choose her “Album of the Century”, and she chose Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden.

Listen to her explain why, live from the Amphi !

Listen to Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk


It’s a common enough expression.
When you like an album well enough, but you know that it is maybe not “significant”, that it will not leave its mark on a generation – we often say “it’s not the album of the century”. But where exactly is the album of the century? Who can tell us about it ?