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The Album of the Century by Seb Martel

3 April 2020

We are continuing with a virtual version of our “Album of the Century” series every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. In this week’s episode — the first in the series — our friend Seb Martel has agreed to take up the challenge.


Listen PRINCE. Small Club. 2d show. 1988., complet sans interruption


Or browse track by track : PRINCE. Small Club. 2d show. 1988

It’s a common enough expression.
When you like an album well enough, but you know that it is maybe not “significant”, that it will not leave its mark on a generation – we often say “it’s not the album of the century”. But where exactly is the album of the century ? Who can tell us about it ?

Seb Martel is a kind of James Bond of the French music scene: guitarist, producer, songwriter but also actor, sometime acrobat and even a dancer. He is just as likely to be found playing alongside Piers Faccini, Vincent Segal, Christine Salem, Camille or M as appearing in the show Struggle or Bastien Lallement’s Siestes Acoustiques.

He is the man behind Las Ondas Marteles trio and has made forays into folk, Cuban and African music, country and many others. His offbeat musical background stems from his incredible passion for music and we cannot wait to hear his “Album of the Century” — which will only be revealed when he introduces it on Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

Images : AnmDeroo
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