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Aquaserge + Jeanne Added

Lost in a guitar case: the possibility of a new work for Aquaserge

Thursday December, 17th at 8pm

From €12 to €28
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Aquaserge cover music by some of the great names of the 20th century —Edgard Varèse, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, GyörgyLigeti—in their own style and have invited Jeanne Added to add her pure, raw vocals to some of these major works to highlight their melancholy side.


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  • Location Main room
  • Running time 2h

Aquaserge have invented their own musical style, garnered from prog and psychedelic rock, jazz, old and contemporary film soundtracks and other experiments that are more difficult to hang a label on.

They already performed downstairs at the Lyon Opera House nearly two years ago with the Wassily Quartet and now they are back with this new project.

Jeanne Added is, of course, best known for winning several awards over the years at France’s annual Victoires de la Musique, marking the success of her sophisticated pop that has won a large following, but she is also a musician who has made the transition from classical to jazz andworked with artists as different as Vincent Courtois, John Greaves, Baptiste Trotignon and Rachid Taha. She shares Aquaserge’staste for multifaceted music, for the eclectic and for a respectful yet iconoclastic approach to these already almost outdated modern classics.


“Jeanne Added: ‘I’d like to become a storyteller’”: Le Monde

“Jeanne Added has had a profound impact on the French music scene over the last 10 years. The proof (if any were needed): her double victory at the 2019 Victoires de la Musique awards, where she won the prize for Best Female Singer and Best Rock Album for the incredible Radiate, released in 2018”: Les Inrocks

“Aquaserge combines rock and jazz in a sort of progressive-experimental style, with weird pop songs, poignant melodies and skillful polyrhythmic constructions”: Le Monde

“It is no easier to slot this psychedelic background, which they readily acknowledge, into any kind of overall aesthetic than it is to catch water with your bare hands. So much so that Aquaserge still have a lot to find out about themselves, as do we”: Le Petit Bulletin

With :
Jeanne Added – vocals, Benjamin Glibert – guitar and vocals, Audrey Ginestet – bass and vocals, Julien Gasc – keyboards and vocals, Manon Glibert – clarinets and vocals, Olivier Kelchtermans – baritone sax and alto sax, vocals, Robin Fincker – tenor sax, clarinet and vocals, Sylvaine Hélary – alto saxhorn, flutes and vocals, Julien Chamla – drums and vocals, Camille Emaille– percussion and vocals

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