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Tango greco-porteño



Friday April, 17th at 8pm

From €15 to €19

Mellingo, a native of Buenos Aires, could be described as a Cubist tango poet. His deep, gravelly voice is more Tom Waits than Carlos Gardel, and that may make him one of the musicians best-placed to represent modern tango, which is still very much city-based and constantly evolving.

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  • Doors open at 19h15
  • Performance starts at 20h
  • Bar Open before and during the concert
  • Location Amphi
  • Running time 1h30

His new project, Oasis, is a sort of musical fairytale following the journey of a drifter named Lineyra. Melingo, an Argentinian of Greek descent, combines tango and rebetiko – the music of the marginalised and potheads – to create a world of characters living in a mythological Greek-Porteño underworld. Using pre-recorded images and projections, Melingo creates a dialogue with these characters, played by Vinicio Capossela and Fernando Noy, among others. Much more than a concert. Oasis is a fantastical work that defies traditional labels, very much in Melingo’s own image.

With passion and elegance, he has taken the original tango and transformed it into a rustic yet modern art form that has survived through the ages without losing any of its beautiful poetry.”


With :
Melingo – 
clarinet, vocals, Muhammad Habbibi Guerra – electric guitar, bouzouki, voices, Rodrigo Gomez – drums, pads, Juan Ravioli – bass, Facundo Torres – bandoneon

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