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Somaliland groove

Sahra Halgan

Black Atlantic Club

Saturday April, 11th at 8pm

From €15 to €19

Sahra Halgan comes from a family of traditional singers. Her journey as an artist is inextricably linked to the history of her native Somaliland, the territory that lies between Somalia and Djibouti. In 1988, when war broke out, Sahra got involved and went to sing to the soldiers fighting for independence, which is how she got her name, which means “Sahra the Fighter”.

Your evening

  • Doors open 19h15
  • Bar Open before and during the concert
  • Running time 1h30
  • Location Amphi
  • Performance starts 20h

The civil war forced her to flee her homeland but, after 25 years in France, Sahra has now returned there to live. Her powerful voice flows backwards and forwards between Africa and the Middle East and her music is based on rhythms that recall Somali funk, with keyboards influenced by Ethio-jazz and guitars that sometimes come close to assouf, the Tuareg desert blues. Her latest album brings together new compositions, traditional pieces and songs from Somali music’s heyday.

“Militant blues rock with an unusual 1970s psychedelic funk vibe.” on Halgan’s last album

With :
Sahra Halgan –
 vocals, Aymeric Krol – drums, percussion, Maël Saletes – guitar, backing vocals, Régis Monte – keyboards, James Stewart – DJ


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