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Une Nouiba de Fès

Thursday April, 9th at 8pm

From €15 to €19

Arab-Andalusian music from Al-Andalus (also known as Muslim Iberia) is one of the most sophisticated in the Maghreb. This centuries-old tradition has been strongly influenced by the Berber, Arab, African, Jewish and Christian cultures that have long coexisted in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

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  • Doors open at 19h15
  • Performance starts at 20h
  • Bar Open before and during the concert
  • Location Amphi
  • Running time 1h30

Over the years, several variations have been identified, including Andalous in Fez, Sana’a in Algiers and Malouf in Constantine. Traditional Algerian Chaabi music is a variant of Sana’a, born in the Casbah of Algiers at the beginning of the 20th century.

During a residency at the Conservatory of Arab-Andalusian Music in Fez, the five members of the group Nouiba (Lyon/Algiers) and six musicians and teachers from the Fez Conservatory decided to merge their respective traditions.

Together, the two groups have developed a repertoire that is both poetic and festive, combining scholarly and popular traditions from Morocco and Algeria.

With :
Fez Conservatory Ensemble :

Fadwa Tadisti – vocals, Salim Amri – violin, Mostapha Amri – viola, Ikram Bennani – oud, Amine Belkaab – piano
Nouiba :
Siham Moulali – vocals, tar, Mohamed M’sahel – darbouka, Aurélie Tissot – qanun, Nacer Hamzaoui – Algerian mandole, vocals, Aurélie Albaret – violin

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